Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Based on a combination of traditional hypnosis and a hypnobehaviroal model which integrates Gestalt, mind-body therapy and inner-child work in a holistic approach which is brief and deeply healing.

HCHT sessions are designed to end in a place of gentle self-acceptance, worthiness, and Heart-Centered love. This process is a powerful way for individuals to access the "source" of problems, addictions, trauma, etc. Hypnotherapy is comparable to using the email and the internet. You open up in a safe way, click on to the search engine, and effectively locate relevant source material. In essence, you are going into the hard drive of your inner computer to allow for the release of emotions and energy that may be stored in a file that is now outdated. This process allows for the reconnection of one's disowned parts by using this trance state. In its place, you are able to access files to delete that which no longer servces and input beliefs, behaviors, and skills which are more desirable and effective for life today.

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